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My passion and goal in life is to guide people through transitioning to a more whole food plant-based lifestyle, but in addition, also assist and support in teaching mindful eating, tips to heal chronic issues, and kitchen hacks to simplify the process – to suit individuals and families.

While attaining my degree in Consumer Science – majoring in food and nutrition – I realised that there was so much more than the traditional approach to nutrition. This perception spurred me on to embark on a new voyage of discovery, which soon lead me to understand that all areas of life are connected, and that, through years of ‘fad dieting’ and dealing with my own health issues and personal development, vibrant health is 100% the result of following a holistic lifestyle!!!

Today i take an integrative approach to health and wellness and have gained greater insight, since completing my degree 8 years ago, through attending raw un-cooking classes, vegan courses, mind-body workshops and more.

My methods combine plant-based nutrition, functional movement, mental and emotional balance, and natural remedies for stress relief.

“I love love love food, but I love to feel good too. So creating food that tastes great, but also leaves me feeling rejuvenated, has been the foundation for my recipe development…”

About me

What I can do for you


Guiding you with alternatives and substitutes to main stream eating. Focus on fresh, natural wholefoods and gluten free grains to suit your lifestyle and budget.


Assist with restoring the gut, liver detox and the elimination of parasites for optimal vitamin and mineral absorption.


Techniques for stress release and relaxation to calm your nervous system and adrenals.


Enhance sport and exercise performance through a combination of correct eating and exercise training – weight loss, weight gain, strength, endurance etc.


Working together to create and structure your time in order to find Harmony in the everyday chaos.


Managing, and commonly reversing, chronic disease (hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, gut related issues, inflammatory disorders and more) through teaching you how to tackle the root cause in order to find wellness and quality of life.

You should also know…

I am currently studying through the International Academy of Natural Health and Wellness, and intend on furthering my education in homeopathy, natural medicine, yoga and other alternative healing techniques.

Once People understand which food and lifestyle choices will best support their unique circumstances, they are more committed to incorporate the required changes in order to improve all areas of their lives and ensure optimal health, healing and well-being. The key to living your Best Life is acquiring the tools and understanding needed to make better lifestyle choices along the way.

I hope to empower and encourage many more people, the way i have been these past 15 years, on their journey to health and happiness!

“ let food be thy medicine “

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“No problem can be solved from the level of consciousness that created it” – Einstein